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  The septic system as a whole, serves the purpose of being an onsite sewage-treatment system for your household. The drain field keeps human waste away from contact and/or being disturbed by runoff water by maintaining it underground.  This reduces the risk of disease causing pathogens from reaching water bodies. One of the main reasons we receive high call volumes with septic concerns is due to individuals pouring grease down their sinks.  Grease should never be poured down your drains because this creates a coating that builds up in the septic system and drain field.  After the grease cools and solidifies, it will cause issues such as reducing the life of your filtration system. Your drain field consist of infiltrators that set up in rows and can be crushed when heavy weight is set upon it.  Do not let your guests park in the area where your drain field has been installed. The drain field has water and nutrients that root systems are hungry for.  Before planting shrubs and trees, please make sure you take the time to learn about their root systems.  It is a costly lesson to learn that the reason your drain field has failed is because roots have intruded.  


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