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Private pump stations (PPS), also known as lift stations, are designed to handle raw sewage that is fed from a gravity pipeline.  The sewage is led to a wet well that is equipped with pumps, pump controls, and alarm systems to maintain a safe level inside the wet well.   Also located inside the wet well are a series of floats.  When float one detects contents rising in the well, it will send a signal to the control panel, turning the power on like a switch.  When the other two floats indicate that a pre-set level in the well has been reached, a signal will be sent to rotate between pumps 1 and 2.  If there is a malfunction or if the sewage volume is too high- a fourth float will send a signal to the control panel to turn on the visual and audio alarm to bring attention before a septic emergency spill occurs. Preventative maintenance, such as lift station inspections are highly suggested and mandated in many counties in Central Florida.  During the inspection, amperage readings of both pumps will be taken, hour meter readings will be logged, floats and alarm system will be tested and notes on the overall system will be documented. All Florida Septic is an HCP pump distributor.  We store floats, pumps, motor starters, control panels, and other lift station essentials at our facility.  We are a 24HR, 7 days a week septic service provider.  Call us today to set up an appointment to create a program that is right for your property’s unique septic needs.

Lift Station Inspections


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